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    The definition of "venture" is "to dare to do something," and we take that especially seriously. While our main interest is providing promising entrepreneurial startups with initial investments, Aventura VC is also open to providing private debt equity to established companies. We want to honor companies for having the boldness to dare to do something new by collaborating in the process. Since we were once a start up, Aventura VC has a unique insight into what a beginning company goes through as they grow and develop.


    We are a venture capital investment firm focused on engaging promising startup companies whose products and services have economic or humanitarian value.


    While we have particular personal interests in specific markets, Aventura VC is open to a wide variety of products, companies and ideas.  As can be seen in our portfolio, our investments range from technical hardware to educational tools. Aventura VC is incorporated in Louisiana but we are investing in promising startups around the world. We are particularly drawn to companies that add some humanitarian value to the community in which they operate, be it locally, nationally or globally. 


    Autumn Autrey


    I can pretty much be summed up by my two major needs, the need to connect with people and the need to be learning something new. Working with startups fills both those needs in a way that is truly invigorating. 

    Specific Interest: Clean Tech

    Bill Autrey


    As an entreprenuer and adventurer at the very core, focusing on investment in startups was an inevitable next step. I value getting to explore a view of the future through the eyes of these impressive entreprenuers. 

    Specific Interest: Aerospace


    Take a look at the companies of the future. 

    Silicon Valley, CA


    500 Startups is one of the world’s most innovative and fast-paced venture capital firms & startup accelerators with headquarters in Silicon Valley and operations + portfolio companies spanning the globe. Led by prolific investor Dave McClure and counting more than 600 startups under its wing, 500 Startups is committed to building an ecosystem that better enables our startups to create successful, sustainable companies.


    San Francisco, CA


    Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

    Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 191 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.

    San Francisco, CA


    BrowsePlay Interactive Video is a new video format. It is interactive and cross-platform. It works without a plug-in on mobile video and the web. BrowsePlay (BP) gives developers a fast and easy way to integrate video into their websites and apps. They can be as creative with video as they are with simple images. BP’s interactive features open up a revolutionary new level of user engagement. Video that is deep linked to information, products and other video is an important step forward for mobile and the web


    San Francisco, CA


    Doorman has reimagined package delivery for e-commerce by perfecting the most important moment of shopping: when you actually get your stuff. Schedule home delivery of your online purchases until midnight, 7 days a week, same day or weeks away. We give customers a new shipping address to use whenever they shop online, and once their packages arrive at our depot, customers use the Doorman app to schedule delivery to their front door until midnight, in convenient 1-hour windows, 7 days a week.


    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    Glio provides local information for the Latin American market. It
    connects small businesses from Brazil, Mexico and Argentina to local
    consumers by showcasing high-quality listings and user-generated


    Denver, Colorado


    GoSpotCheck helps retailers measure and improve their store operations through a employee powered data collection app. By enabling employees with a better tool to collect data, management can now measure store operations in real time through a reporting dashboard and make improvements as needed, ensuring consistent execution across their operator network.


    Acquired by Thumbtack.

    San Francisco, CA


    HeartThis is creating the world's largest social shopping site where anyone can discover products and people that match their individual style. HeartThis focuses on superior selection, personalization, and production information across both desktop and mobile in order to deliver the ideal online shopping experience.


    Silicon Valley, CA


    HUBB Oil Filters is revolutionizing the filtration systems for automobiles with patented, high performalce oil filters for engines of fleet and consumer vehicles. Our permanent filter keeps oil cleaner and engines healthier for longer. With two size options, HUBB Oil Filters is able to reduce oil costs up to 50% per year, reduce emissions by up to 30% and increase highway fuel efficiency by bup to 2.4%, while avoiding entrance to the waste system. 


    Ontario, Canada


    Kik is an instant messaging application available on iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Kik's application is based on usernames and users are able to text, share photos and videos, and explore content. Kik enables filtering which allows users to select and curate their connections. Additional features include photo capture and sharing as well as group messaging supporting up to 50 users at a time. On September 8, Kik introduced Kik Codes, a QR code technology. Every user has a unique Kik Code and scanning a Kik Code can connect two users, a single user to a group, or connect a user to a brand or service. With an estimated 240 million users across the world, Kik has become a leader in messaging in all forms. 


    San Fransisco, CA


    LabDoor uses science to tell you what's really in dietary supplements. On iOS and LabDoor.com, consumers scan or search a product for instant A-F grades based on the safety and efficacy of the product. Behind the scenes, LabDoor uses analytical chemistry to reverse-engineer hundreds of products and expose inaccurate labels, contaminated products, and false claims.


    San Francisco, CA


    Leanplum is a platform for optimizing mission-critical metrics of your mobile app. We make it easy for product managers to conduct on-the-fly optimization tests and see immediate results with powerful analytics.


    Silicon valley, CA


    LoveWithFood.com is a marketing and analytics platform that's disrupting the $60B snacks industry. Think marketing + survey monkey for organic or all-natural CPG brands. Love With Food's social mission is to help fight hunger in the USA. For every sale, Love With Food donates a meal to food banks nationwide.


    San Francisco, CA


    Lyft is a peer-to-peer ridesharing company that creates communities of passengers and drivers in a given market through a mobile application supported on iOS and Android devices. Lyft attempts to differentiate itself from other ridesharing services through its "community model", establishing a social network among drivers and passengers.Passengers launch the application and request a ride, a near-by driver responds to the request and arrives at the pick-up location. Lyft drivers are distinguished by a pink mustache placed on the dash of the car. According to Lyft, the service is available in 63 cities and 31 states nationwide.


    Los Altos, CA


    Medigram is a HIPAA-compliant group messaging platform for health care professionals (i.e. doctors, nurses, etc). It is cross-platform. Download the app, sign up, verify your identity, and start talking with colleagues within 60 seconds. We bring in-hospital realtime messaging with referral communication software together under one platform.


    San Francisco, CA


    MicroVentures was formed to remove friction from the early-stage capital raising process. Over the past 2 years, MicroVentures has had the opportunity to work with Companies, Investors, and Regulators, in an effort to provide value to the startup community. With 38 successful capital raises and over $18mm invested, MicroVentures is the undisputed leader in the space. MicroVentures is the only fully licensed and operating Broker-Dealer in the space and continues to find ways to help Companies, Investors, and the community.


    Silicon Valley, CA


    Modria’s SaaS platform enables consumers and businesses to resolve disputes – anytime, anywhere. Our platform makes routine what has historically been a manual, custom, and expensive process. Companies use our software to resolve disputes quickly and fairly, minimizing legal risk, cost, and improving outcomes.


    Houston, TX


    NanoRacks LLC was formed to provide low-cost commercial hardware and disruptive services for customers onboard the International Space Station. The company is the only company in the world that owns and markets its own research platforms onboard the U.S. National Laboratory of the space station. The current signed customer pipeline of over 80 payloads includes organizations like NASA, companies like Planetary Resources and organizations from Israel to Germany. NanoRacks also works with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic and other non-ISS programs, all of which has propelled NanoRacks into a leadership position in the emerging commercial market for space utilization.


    Los Angeles, CA


    Nimble is the world’s first Business and Social Relationship Manager for small businesses and teams. In one elegant dashboard, it automatically organizes and updates your entire relationship with the people you and your team do business with -- contacts, calendars, email, and social communications.


    San Francisco, CA


    Discover your next opportunity.


    Arlington, VA


    Nveloped is a platform for dynamically delivering secure email. We make it easy for companies to deliver secure content from their app/platform or email client directly to a customer's existing email inbox.


    San Francisco, CA


    OpenLabel is introducing radical transparency to mobile commerce by building the world's largest product information platform. The company converts the UPC barcode on billions of everyday products into a "public label", allowing consumers, organizations and brands to instantly scan the product with their mobile device and share product knowledge and recommendations with the world.


    Austin, TX


    OwnLocal is the automatic digital ad agency for newspapers.
    We take print ads and automatically convert them into search-engine optimized web ads, SEO websites, Google SEM, social banner ads, and social-media marketing.The conversion and sales are all done automatically instantly producing more revenue for the newspaper and for us. OwnLocal succeeds where others have failed because community newspapers are still trusted local brands in the small-businesses world.


    Irvine, CA


    Razzor Technologies develops algorithms and software to enable larger power-savings on mobile devices and improve panel quality while reducing display panel cost. Razzor’s Algorithms bring natural-eye image viewing on all content and restores image details lost due to limitations in the camera lens and encoding. Key benefits for Razzor’s Algorithms include: 1) Dynamic Contrast & Brightness for daylight viewing & power reduction 2) Power savings by reducing back-light over 50% 3) Adaptive Sharpening, Dynamic Contrast & Brightness combined algorithms bringing over $20 in panel quality improvement as measured by our ODM partners. Razzor’s vision is to become the “Doly” of Video and deploy our algorithms across all display devices.


    Acquired by DG MediaMind. 

    Santa Monica, CA


    Unlike traditional rich media vendors, Republic Project offers a cloud-based ad platform, making it easy to scale campaigns, helping you meet demand, change creative, and optimize performance in real-time. Republic Project lets brands, studios and agencies distribute content across multiple sites and devices with simplicity, speed, and cost efficiency.


    San Francisco, CA


    Schoola is a self-service fundraising platform that schools, principals, PTAs and PTOs can use to raise significant funds for schools and other non-profits. . Anyone from the school community can work with local businesses to add offers that save money for parents, provide authentic promotion for businesses and raise notable funds for schools. It's a win for all involved! 


    Los Angeles, CA


    Automatic price comparison at over 10,000 websites without lifting a finger.


    San Francisco, CA


    Skycatch provides a proprietary drone platform (hardware and software) for commercial logistics. Our product allows real property owners, developers and managers to surveil large geographic areas via autonomous drones with image- and video-capture technology that can be viewed in real time or chronologically from a web dashboard or mobile client. The product also allows users to extract valuable information from captured images and video through computer vision software, which can be customized per use case via our SDK. Our proprietary battery-swapping and autonomous landing technology (patent pending) gives our drones the ability to operate without human interaction.


    Silicon Valley, CA


    SoundFocus, a graduate of the Y-Combinator Summer 2013 batch, is creating the next generation of hearing aids. Their solution addresses the three main issues with hearing aids today: stigma, cost, and diagnosis. SoundFocus has developed patent pending technology that enables accurate self diagnosis of your hearing loss and puts the full power of hearing aids into software that can run on low cost hardware.


    San Francisco, CA


    Affordable access to space through a user programmable imaging and data platform, for $250/week. Our satellites cost $350,000 to build, launch and operate and generate $750,000 revenue. They are based off the most widely adopted satellites standard, do not need a dedicated launch and are 10cm x 10cm x 30cm in size. We developed a profitable de-risking and scaling strategy to target the 25bn+ enterprise space data market.


    New York City, NY


    Recently rated as a CNET Top-10 Security product by popularity, Spotflux provides an off-device cloud based security and privacy platform intended to provide device diagnostic protection and secures over 5 billion web requests per month. Our desktop product line provides protection for both Mac and PC and has over 1M monthly active users.


    San Francisco, CA


    Spotify embodies a new generation of online-based services that are disrupting the severely impaired music industry, and thus is capturing a significant portion of the music market as a whole, as well as creating new revenue opportunities in the process. Instead of choosing the songs in which a user hears, like Pandora, Spotify enables users to search and select songs to play, allowing further customization. Spotify has shown excellent progress in delivering its platform to global music consumers: launched in 2008, it is now serving over 60 million active monthly users in 58 markets with over 15 million paid subscribers.


    San Francisco, CA


    Storefront is a marketplace for short-term retail space. We make it easy for brands to launch pop-up shops and help brokers and landlords find high quality tenants to fill their space quickly.


    Woburn, MA


    The Transition is the 1st practical flying car. It directly addresses the largest obstacles to the more widespread use of general aviation. Customers value its freedom, flexibility, and fun. The Transition fundamentally grows the general aviation market by lowering the barriers for non-pilots to learn how to fly. Terrafugia has all needed exemptions from the FAA and NHTSA to enter production and has built a $30 million order backlog for the Transition.


    San Francisco, CA


    Vango is an online original art marketplace that is changing the way we buy and sell art. By simply taking a photo of your room, Vango provides recommendations that fit your space and taste in real-time. The interactive nature of swiping through art as it hangs virtually and to scale on your wall makes exploring original art fun and entertaining. The art is one-of-a-kind and their transparent pricing model remove the question 'why is this piece worth that' - all artist start at $250 and move to higher price points they more they sell.


    Silicon Valley, CA


    Vastrm (vas' - trum) was started to solve a basic problem: shirts that don’t fit well. With a sophisticated supply chain and an easy to use front end design tool, Vastrm allows consumers, retailers and brands to create their own unique casual garments or collections, with no minimum order quantities. Vastrm guarantees that each of these unique designs are created for the perfect fit. Vastrm - Designed for luxury. Engineered for fit.


    Camden, AR


    Victory Lumber LLC is a forest products manufacturing company focused on producing products by combining innovation, experience and technology to achieve lowest cost, quality producer status. Our flexibility allows us to quickly align our process with our customer’s needs.


    Culver City, CA


    Wittlebee is a monthly children’s clothing club that brings great styles and designers right to your doorstep. We take the hassle out of shopping with your kids so you can spend that time having fun with them instead.


    Chicago, IL


    YCharts is a financial software company that was founded in 2009 and is backed by Morningstar. YCharts provides the analytic power of a financial terminal (such as Bloomberg, FactSet, CapIQ), but with the ease of use and accessibility of a modern website. Investment professionals across the financial services spectrum have found the product to be a valuable complement to their existing investment tools, or as a lower cost replacement.


    Austin, TX


    ZEEP is an Austin-based clean energy company engaged in the development of world scale projects that upgrade low-value feedstocks into premium fuels and chemicals.



    and establish meaningful connections.



    Aventura VC